Other Services

O.S also provide Maintenance, Rental, Lifting inspection services and project fabrication work for Offshore

A. Maintenance

O.S provide maintenance services as below:

  1. Replace pad eyes and repair offshore container in accordance with DNV2.7-1/BS EN 12079
  2. Repair the equipments according to customer requirements
  3. Sand blasting and painting according to ISO 8051-1

B. Rental

O.S provide rental services as below:

  1. Offshore container with many types and sizes as  6ft container, 10ft container, 20ft container, 10ft haft height basket, 20ft basket, 25ft basket...
  2. Cutting and welding machine
  3. NDT equipments

C. Lifting Inspection Services

O.S have been providing lifting inspection to oilfield since we create the company. Our vast experience includes lifting gears/lifting accessories as wire rope sling, chain sling, shackle, eye bolt, clamp, spreader beam... and lifting machines/lifting appliances as jib crane, pulley block, winch, chain block, hoists...

Our comprehensive facilities allow us to undertake a vast range of testings. These include:

  1. Lifting equipment testing to meet any safety standards or quality standards
  2. Verification or calibration of SWL for all types of lifting appliance
  3. Testing of specially fabricated structures
  4. Inspection, testing and certification in compliance with LEEA, NSL and L.O.L.E.R

D. Project Fabrication Work For Offshore

O.S can provide a project fabrication work for offshore from design to installation depending on the needs of our customer.