About us

O.S Offshore Services Equipment Co. Ltd. provides a range of Design and Fabrication, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and Other Oilfield Services.

O.S Offshore Services Equipment Co. Ltd. has a team of qualified and experienced workforce and with a well organized working system. We are capable of handling various design and fabrication works.

While we started out small, in terms of both numbers of staff and volume of business, we built a reputation for high quality and excellent customer service from the very beginning.

The increase in a higher standard of products and decrease in costs of transportation of equipments led to a higher demand for our products and a drive to grow the business. This led to the move our facility from VCP port to the present address in front of PTSC down stream port. Following the move to new facility, development work commenced on the production of: 

  • Designing and manufacturing Offshore Container according to DNV 2.7-1/ BS EN 12079
  • NDT/OCTG inspection on BHA and Drill String tools
  • Lifting gears & lifting equipments inspection and load testing.
  • Sandblasting and painting maintenance.
  • Pressure test and Hydraulic test.
  • Rental Offshore container
    Our team consists of highly qualified specialist as well as mechanical and technical staff in the oilfield industries.
    The our policy is provide to our customer with the most reasonable costs, high quality and innovative products and services in order to increase satisfaction of the customer.

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