Oil Field Inspection

 O.S Offshore Services Equipment Co. Ltd. has the capacity to perform inspection services, to the following accepted oilfield specifications.



  • O.S has equipment and personnel permanently stationed in Vietnam. From this locations, we can quickly mobilize to meet with your requirements.


o   Magnetic particle inspection, black light or dry powder inspection of subs, drill collars, hevi-wate drill pipe and fishing tools.   


o    Liquid Dye Penetrant Inspection, for non-ferrous material or difficult to access areas where MPI is not practical.


o    Refacing services, most API connections. Size’s 2 3/8 Reg, 2 7/8 Reg, 3 1/2 Reg, 4 1/2 Reg, 5 1/2 Reg, 6 5/8 Reg, 7 5/8 Reg, NC26, NC38, NC50, 5 1/2 FH and 6 5/8 FH.


o   Pipe Straightening, drill pipe and tubulars. Size range:- All sizes up to 6 5/8” OD.


o   Internal Pneumatic Rattling, cleaning of tubulars. Size range:- All sizes 2 3/8” - 30”


o   External cleaning by cupbrush of tubular . Size range : :- All sizes 2 3/8” - 30”


o   Internal Grit Blasting, up to SA3 finish.   Size range:- All sizes.


o   Rust preventative Coating of tubulars, internal/External by airless spray.  All sizes.


o   API Drifting, tubing and casing. Size range:- All sizes up to 20” OD.


o   Ultrasonic Wall Thickness, compression wave spot thickness measurements.


o   Ultrasonic End Area Inspection, automatic shear wave inspection with chart recorder.


o   Drilling Out Of Cement, removal of cement from drill pipe and collars.


o   Mill Surveillance, 3rd Party monitoring of mill and machine shop processes and QA.